Monday, 26 September 2011

Review of the Perodua Myvi

One of the top national car in Malaysia

Standing on a 1.3-liter displacement, "Perodua Myvi" remains the first choice when it comes to buying a car. Especially at entry level, seems the "Malaysia," Lean on this particular model. I have a test drive. And I'll tell you how it feels to drive one, after 3 months.
I think that's the price of RM40, 000 (giving and receiving) for a small car like this a little too expensive. But the plus points of "Myvi" a roomy compartment inside. Interior may even serve a huge six footer, I think. Your head will never go back to the ceiling.
Driving experience, if the "Myvi is' like driving a" Mini Cooper "(I've never been a driven yet). Power steering makes them effective in the back, with small dimensions. Talking about the size of cars is relatively easy to park. Personally, I do not need to change the gear from reverse to drive more than doubled. That, I think the biggest advantage of the 1.3-liter car is not able to provide the capacity advantages of small size (still, a usable capacity of the engine).
Overall, for, comfort, maneuverability and price performance must take a test ride on the "Myvi". It has its own reason for one of the top national car in Malaysia.

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