Monday, 31 October 2011

Car Audio - the source of unlimited fun in the car

Car Audio is one thing that can make we happy and fun in the car as well as Myvi.

There was a time, when we used to focus on car’s speed and horse power at the time of purchasing it. But today, while purchasing a car the focus of many people has shifted to car audio from speed and other technicalities. Needless to say, the younger generation is obsessed with music and they want to take music along with them wherever they go. This is the key reason behind the huge popularity as well as acceptability of car audio. In fact, the cars these days are manufactured with new and improved audio systems that look superior as compared to old cars with regular audio systems.

A car without an audio system is difficult to imagine. But it is observed that many people face the car audio problems. There are various reasons behind these issues like loose wires, issues with the audio amplifier, stereo or speakers and more. And because of it speakers produces popping or crackling sound. But do you know that there are many troubleshooting steps with which you can repair some of the car audio problems.

When the issues of your car audio system arises then first thing you need to do is find about the source of the problem. Do ensure that every wire between speakers, stereo, and the amplifier is connected appropriately. Disconnect the wire connecting stereo and amplifiers, but don’t unplug the cable which is connecting amplifier and speakers. If the problem continues, then are possibilities of amplifier being at fault. Or if the issue is solved, then simply disconnect the wire from radio.

When the stereo system stopped working then the issue clearly is of missing or loose connection. In this regard, check all the cables of stereo, amplifier, and speakers separately that they are properly connected.

If you face the issue of less sound from the speakers then it can happen due to lack of power supply. Check the power supply with the help of a power meter. As most of the time, they receiver power but it is not up to the mark and hence creating the issue of less sound.

If the speaker is not placed correctly then it might create the issues of buzzing sound or even vibrating sound. You can come over this issue by simply screwing the speakers a bit tighter.

So, with the help of all these tricks, you can easily fix up the small issues of your car audio. But if these tricks don’t work better then its time to take the help of a car stereo technician for getting your problems solved.

Make your supermini / Perodua Myvi more fun with car audio.

By Gary Digwa
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